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We provide a broad range of documents as digital downloads. You can download one of our documents instead of creating something from scratch. This gives you confidence that you have covered the right topics and saves you time reading around. You get instant access to best practice. Plus you can edit all our documents so you can tailor them to your firm. For example by adding your company name and logo.


​Our seasoned professionals create all our documents. We have experience in the first and second lines of defence. We have been practitioners, regulators, and compliance officers. We do the heavy lifting to save you time. You get the benefit of everything in one place rather than spending hours analysing regulatory texts.​

We offer downloads in two versions of Microsoft Office: MS Office 2007 and above, and MS Office 97-2003. Find answers to other common questions.

We develop many products following a request or suggestion from our website visitors. We are always happy to consider your suggestions.

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