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The "Board and Senior Management Consumer Duty Toolkit" is an integrated set of resources designed to strengthen your organisation's commitment to the Consumer Duty. It encompasses three vital documents designed to enhance firms' adherence to the Consumer Duty framework, focusing on consumer protection and compliance.​

  • A Consumer Duty Management Information Template for data-driven consumer interaction analysis and improvement, featuring components for analytical assessment, action planning, and compliance monitoring.​

  • A Consumer Duty Board Report Template, facilitating the creation of an annual board report on Consumer Duty compliance, customisable to individual firm requirements.​

  • The Consumer Duty Key Questions Checklist, encompassing FCA's Key Questions to document and monitor compliance efforts.​

These resources collectively furnish Boards and Senior Management with a robust structure to systematically manage, report, and evaluate their compliance with the Consumer Duty, ensuring that consumer interests are prioritised in their operations and regulatory requirements are met.

Board and Senior Management Consumer Duty Toolkit​

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  • This document is in Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx)​

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