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Our Global Precious Metals Code Implementation Planner does the legwork for you.


All you have to do is decide which area you are working on, say order execution, run a filter and then cross check to see if you have covered each principle in your existing arrangements.


If you keep a marked-up version of the document you checked, then you will have an audit trail of how you implemented the code.


Contained within your digital download are:

  • Transposition of all the Principles from the Global Precious Metals Code
  • Identification of every actionable item within each sub principle
  • Over 260 potential actions
  • Pre-set filters
  • Mapping of all potential actions to existing arrangements
  • A how to use guide
  • Ability to interrogate the Code

Global Precious Metals Code Implementation Planner

Excluding VAT
  • This document is in Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx)

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