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The surge in interest and adoption of ESG principles in the financial world brings with it the need for a foundational understanding of its components and their relevance in today's finance landscape. As climate change and its impacts take centre stage, there's a demand for professionals in the finance industry to grasp the importance of sustainable finance, recognise the challenges like ESG reporting and greenwashing, and be aware of the evolving regulatory scenarios in regions like the EU and UK.​

Our "Principles of ESG – Foundations" course is here to guide you. We provide a comprehensive set of slides accompanied by a detailed presenter's script including additional option of audio narration to guide your audience through the essential aspects of ESG, from its basic principles to its intricate metrics.​

Contained within your digital download are:​

  • The slides​

  • A verbatim script for the presenter​

  • Interactive discussions and case studies​

  • Best practice for ESG compliance and best practices​

  • Introduction to sustainable investing, corporate engagement techniques, and the nuances of upcoming global climate discussions at COP​

  • Audio narration on each slide (additional).​


A train the trainer session can be booked separately by completing a Training Request.

Principles of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) - Foundations

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