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The cornerstone of your anti-market abuse framework, your challenge is having the right approach to risk assessments that encompasses all your requirements, without needing a small army to manage it. You need it to be easy to compare year on year, but not so high level that small, perhaps new, risks can’t be identified simply. And not every business is big enough, nor can they afford to buy in a system and implement it. ​

The reality is that most businesses – even large firms – manage their risk assessments on Excel: it’s flexible, relatively cheap, and most staff know how to use it.​


Our Market Conduct Risk Assessment (designed for your Front Office or Risk and Compliance) gives you an effective and cost-efficient Excel template for assessing non-compliance risks across your business.​

Contained within your digital download are: ​

  • Risk assessment-ready templates (firm-wide and for two business areas)​

  • Best practice guidance for conducting a risk assessment​

  • Pre-set risk ratings with customisable colour coding​

  • Two dashboard templates to use when presenting to a business committee or the Board​

  • Industry standard risk responses​

  • Instructions on how to use the templates & step-by-step guides on how to tailor the template for your business​

Market Abuse Risk Assessment

Excluding VAT
  • This document is in Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx)

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