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Introduction to Market Abuse

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90 minutes

We can run this course inhouse or privately just for you and your colleagues.


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About the Course

Learn about the UK's market abuse regime and how it affects investment professionals. Explore the types of offences and the sanctions for committing them.

Learning Outcomes

This training course is designed to equip investment professionals with a thorough understanding of market abuse regulations in the UK. Through a comprehensive introduction, you will gain a clear picture of the relevant regulations and how they directly impact your day-to-day activities. Our course delves into the various types of market abuse offences, providing you with the knowledge and skills to recognise them in practical situations. This includes exploring specific examples and red flags to ensure you can operate within the legal boundaries and uphold ethical conduct.

Course Outline

Market Abuse Offences: Explore the different types of market abuse, including insider dealing and market manipulation, and learn how to identify them in practice. Regulation and Compliance: Understand the relevant regulations, including MAR and the Criminal Justice Act 1993, and the potential sanctions for non-compliance. You'll also gain insight into the role of the FCA.

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