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Financial Fraud Detection, Prevention & Compliance for Compliance Officers

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3.5 hours

We can run this course inhouse or privately just for you and your colleagues.


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About the Course

This interactive training course equips compliance officers in regulated financial services firms with the knowledge and skills to effectively detect, prevent, and report fraud. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of different types of financial crimes, relevant regulations, and best practices in fraud mitigation.

Course Outline

Introduction to Financial Fraud

Industry-Specific Fraud Schemes

Regulatory Landscape & Compliance

Detecting and Preventing Fraud

Incident Response & Reporting

Communication & Training

Course Wrap Up & Takeaways

About Your Trainer

Rajeshri Rajani

Rajeshri Rajani

Rajeshri isn't your typical trainer. She's a battle-tested veteran of the financial crime world, having spent decades on the front lines uncovering fraud and misconduct. From the high-pressure investigations of the SFO and FCA to navigating complex legal disputes, Rajeshri has seen it all.

Her expertise isn't confined to theory. As a Chartered Accountant and Associate Member of the Academy of Experts, Rajeshri has provided watertight evidence in court cases, wielding her financial acumen to expose wrongdoing. She's not just an expert witness; she's a detective with an accountant's meticulous eye for detail.

Remember those high-profile cases you've heard about – the Ponzi schemes, the insider dealing rings, the market manipulation scandals? Rajeshri has been there, untangling the web of deceit and piecing together the financial puzzles.

But what truly sets Rajeshri apart is her ability to translate this battlefield experience into actionable insights. Having built and led her own successful forensic accounting practice, she understands the practical challenges regulated firms face.

Now, Rajeshri brings her unparalleled knowledge and war stories to you. In her training sessions, you won't just learn the theory – you'll gain a deep understanding of how financial crime manifests in the real world, equipping you with the tools to identify and prevent it within your own organization.

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