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Product Governance

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Half Day (3 hours)

We can run this course inhouse or privately just for you and your colleagues.


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About the Course

This training course on Product Governance is designed to equip financial services firms with the essential knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and govern their product offerings. Participants will gain a deep understanding of regulatory requirements, risk assessment, and best practices in product development and oversight.

Under the Consumer Duty ensuring the integrity and suitability of products is paramount. This course provides a holistic view of Product Governance, covering regulatory frameworks, risk management, customer protection, and more. Through real-world case studies and interactive activities, participants will enhance their ability to navigate complex regulatory environments and maintain robust product governance frameworks that prioritize both client interests and compliance.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key principles and importance of Product Governance in financial services.

  • Identify and assess regulatory requirements relevant to product development and distribution.

  • Implement effective risk assessment and mitigation strategies in the product lifecycle.

  • Develop and maintain comprehensive documentation and reporting processes.

  • Safeguard consumer interests by ensuring product suitability, transparency, and fairness.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Product Governance

  • Regulatory Frameworks and Compliance

  • Risk Management in Product Development

  • Product Design and Documentation

  • Product Approval Process

  • Product Monitoring and Review

  • Distribution and Suitability

  • Customer Protection and Communication

Required Knowledge and Skills

This course assumes an understanding of regulated financial services businesses, and the high-level requirements that make up the consumer duty.

About Your Trainer

Daiman Baker

Daiman Baker

Daiman has 20 years of experience in London-based investment banks in front office compliance advisory roles and in delivering regulatory change across multiple EU and UK pieces of legislation.

Leveraging his background as a lawyer, Daiman delivers design, implementation, remediation projects, business governance / management structures, SME / regulatory interpretation input, policy and procedure drafting and training.

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