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This UK Financial Crime Inventory provides a complete list of all UK Public General Acts (PGA) that cover matters relating to financial crime and which are relevant to firms operating in the financial services sector.


The UK Financial Crime Inventory records all relevant Public General Acts, including those that have since been repealed, either entirely or those sections which make the Act relevant to financial services. You can therefore run a filter to find what is in force today to then carry out a next stage analysis of which Acts are relevant to your business and services. This allows you to then determine for which Acts you need to complete a line by line controls mapping. You can also run a filter to trace the origins of legislation, some of which date back several centuries.


The inventory gives you:

  • The statue
  • A link to the legislation in the official database
  • A summary of the regulatory requirement, as it relates to fraud in the financial services sector
  • The currency of the act


We offer several other inventories:

  • EU Inventory which covers all EU Directives and Regulation that apply to financial services
  • UK Fraud Inventory which covers all UK Public General Acts relating to fraud
  • UK Inventory which covers all UK Public General Acts (exc. Financial Crime and Fraud)


The spreadsheet is completely customisable, free of any macro’s or coding, so you can just download and start analysing.

UK Financial Crime Laws Inventory

Excluding VAT
  • This product is in Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx)

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