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Preventing, detecting and punishing market abuse is a high priority for the FCA. It protects consumers, enhances the integrity of markets and promotes competition. ​

Our FCA Approach to Market Abuse training pack covers how the FCA goes about supervising and enforcing the market abuse regime. Allowing you to train your fellow compliance colleagues as well as your front office, sales, trading and dealing desks on the FCA approach to market abuse.​

You will take delegates through some of the basics about FCA supervision right through to up to date data and information received by the FCA in their pursuit of market abuse cases. The materials assume no knowledge about market abuse. It deliberately avoids using regulatory references and explains key regulatory terminology in a business context so that it is comprehensible to those outside of regulation and compliance.​​

​The speaker's notes are written as a verbatim script you can read word for word and deliver a good quality session.​​

​Contained within your digital download:​​

  • The slides​​

  • Speaker notes for every slide​​

  • A verbatim script for your trainer to read​​

  • Explanations of what FCA looks at​

  • STORs data​

  • Explanations about handling FCA visits​

  • Reiteration of key messages about basic compliance requirements such as record keeping​​


A train the trainer session can be booked separately by completing a Training Request.

FCA Approach to Market Abuse

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  • This product is a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx)

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