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Having competent employees is a central requirement under most regulatory regimes, including the FCA training and competence regime. In the UK the rule applies to all regulated firms and also appears in the EU’s MiFID and IDD.


Assessing employees as competent is also an essential component of the Senior Managers and Certification Regimes, as well as being a crucial assessment to make before hiring new employees. The challenge is ensuring assessors are consistent across employees especially when the outcome of the assessment could affect their job.


Not every business has the scale to buy in a system for their employee performance or competency assessments. In practice most, even large firms, run their competency assessments on Excel, its flexible, relatively cheap, and the vast majority of staff can use Excel.


Using our Competency Assessment across all employees protects your business from employee complaints and enables your firm to evidence compliance with local laws and regulations.


Our competency assessment template enables you to incorporate feedback from others, and examples of work completed, as well as qualitative assessment by the line manager.


Contained within your digital download are:

  • A template in Excel for carrying out an assessment of the level of competence of your employees
  • Coverage of key areas such as conduct, regulation, risk management, education and qualifications
  • A cover sheet to record information about who is being assessed, by whom, for what and when, and the outcome
  • Drop down menus to enable responses to be consistent and easy to compare
  • A rating for every component of the assessment
  • A final competency rating.
  • Free format fields to record supporting evidence and justifications
  • Instructions on how to use the templates
  • Step by step guides to bespoke the template for your business

Competency Assessment

Excluding VAT
  • This product is in Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx)

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