This SMCR Certification Regime training is a slide pack complete with a verbatim script for the trainer. Complete with additional background notes in square brackets for the speaker including links to regulatory sources.


This training pack is aimed at the front office and so is succinct, practical and has places for you to simply insert your own firm's branding and inhouse terminology. It avoids use of regulatory jargon and legal terminology, where that is unavoidable the terms are explained either in the slides or speaker notes.


The slides are in plain background and black and white, ready for you to apply your corporate branding.


The training covers:

  • Overview of the SMCR
  • Where you fit into the SMCR
  • Key features of the Certification Regime (includes FCA Directory and F&P assessments)
  • What to expect
  • What if ...
  • Actions and next steps


Slides and speaker notes are fully editable by you with standard MS Office fonts and graphics.


A train the trainer session can be booked separately by completing a Training Request.

Certification Regime Training Slides and Script