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Market Abuse Regulations (MAR) Refresher

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Half day (3 hours)

We can run this course inhouse or privately just for you and your colleagues.


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About the Course

This interactive refresher course equips financial professionals with the latest market abuse regulations and supervisory expectations. We'll explore recent trends, delve into the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) requirements, and provide a practical risk assessment workshop.

Learning Outcomes

This course aims to empower delegates to: Gain an in-depth understanding of recent market manipulation and insider dealing trends, allowing you to effectively identify and prevent such activities within your firm. Refresh your knowledge of MAR's preventative measures, detection strategies, and reporting obligations. Understand how the FCA's 2024/25 business plan and new consumer duty regulations impact market abuse compliance. Through a practical workshop and case study, gain valuable skills in conducting effective market abuse risk assessments, including best practices and common pitfalls to avoid. By the end of this session, participants will be confident in their ability to contribute to a robust market abuse compliance framework within their firms.

Course Outline

Regulatory Landscape Update Recent trends in market abuse and supervisory activity by ESMA and NCA The FCA's 2024/25 business plan and its impact on market abuse MAR Requirements Review Importance of using recorded communications and reporting suspicious activity Prevention, detection, and reporting obligations under MAR Risk Assessment Workshop Case study on conducting a market abuse risk assessment Identifying best practices, common pitfalls, and root cause analysis in market abuse scenarios

About Your Trainer

Raj Rajani

Raj Rajani

Rajeshri isn't your typical trainer. For over 3 decades, she's been a global guardian of market integrity, wielding her expertise as a Chartered Accountant to combat market abuse across borders. From high-profile insider dealing cases to manipulative schemes impacting international markets, Rajeshri has seen it all.

Her experience isn't confined to theory. She's been on the ground, working with international authorities and private firms to untangle complex financial misconduct. Rajeshri has crafted expert reports, interviewed key players, and assembled evidence used in global investigations.

But her skillset goes beyond detective work. Rajeshri has built and led her own successful forensic accounting practice, guiding companies on how to prevent market abuse and protect themselves from financial crime. She's a trusted advisor, helping firms navigate the intricacies of market abuse regulations, not just in the UK, but across the globe.

Now, Rajeshri brings her unparalleled experience to the training room. This isn't a dry lecture on regulations – it's a masterclass informed by real-world battles against market manipulation and insider information misuse. Gain a deep understanding of the latest global threats, practical strategies to mitigate risk, and the insider knowledge to identify red flags before they become international scandals.

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