SMCR: Senior Manager and Certification Regimes

The SMCR, or Individual Accountability Regime, was introduced by the UK Parliament as a direct result of the UK regulators being unable to take action against any individual for the 2008 financial crisis. It comprises three regimes:

  1. the Senior Manager Regime

  2. the Certification Regime

  3. the Conduct Rules

Our templates and checklists to help you with the process aspect of SMCR. However, SMCR is not all about process, so much is about culture change and personal accountability which cannot be solved for with a template. So we also provide training packs that get into how to start achieving that shift.

We also provide a template for tackling reasonable steps, which senior managers tell us helps them start those challenging internal conversations. You can supplement this with one to one coaching or training, through our SMCR training courses.

You will find our SMCR products in two versions of Microsoft Office: MS Office 2007 and above, and MS Office 97-2003. Find answers to other frequently asked questions here.

If you were looking for something specific and cannot find it please let us know. You are unlikely to be alone in your search and many of our products have been produced to meet demand. There is no obligation on you for making a product request either now or in the future.

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