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When you delegate your responsibilities, it is best practice, and regulatory expectation, that you document what you are delegating and to whom. The challenge is to do so in a way that meets regulatory expectations but doesn’t tie you up in paperwork.​

Our Internal Delegation templates enable you to do just that and so evidence to the regulator that you are delegating with control.​

Contained within your digital download are:​

  • A delegation template​

  • A structure against which you record what you are delegating, to whom and how you are comfortable the delegation is appropriate​

  • Draft text to help guide you on how to complete the template​

  • An agenda template for meeting with your delegate to ensure they continue to execute the responsibilities effectively​

  • Sections which indicate where you need to add individual or company-specific information​

  • Best practice for delegation​

  • FCA requirements​

Internal Delegation Templates

Excluding VAT
  • This file is in Microsoft Word (*.docx)

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