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The EU Inventory is intended to provide the starting point to answer the question: are you sure that you are complying with all relevant regulations? It also helps those carrying out Brexit work by listing all EU Regulations and Directives relating to the financial services sector thereby allowing you to quickly determine where you may need to rely on substituted compliance.


The inventory covers all Level 1 texts*, for example MiFID 1, MiFID 2 and MiFIR. This allows you to carry out a next stage analysis of which Acts are relevant to your business and services. This allows you to then determine for which Acts you need to complete a line by line controls mapping.


All repealed Directives and Regulations are included with a record of the replacement and when it was replaced. Allowing you to track changes and quickly find the latest text. If a new directive or regulation was introduced it records what it amended or repealed so you can track both directions. This is really helpful when you are looking to complete a picture of the development of a topic such as UCITS or banking regulations.


To support those working at a more detailed level on their Brexit programmes the inventory records the UK implementation of each directive or Regulation. That UK implementation includes primary legislation as well as secondary i.e. Statutory Instruments, in some cases the FSA\ FCA\ PRA implementation is included. Please contact us if you are interested in the spreadsheet being expanded to cover mapping to FSA\ FCA\ PRA implementation.


We offer several other inventories:

  • UK Financial Crime Inventory which covers all UK Public General Acts relating to financial crime (exc. Fraud)
  • UK Fraud Inventory which covers all UK Public General Acts relating to fraud
  • UK Inventory which covers all UK Public General Acts (exc. Financial Crime and Fraud)


The spreadsheet is completely customisable, free of any macro's or coding, so it you really can just download and start analysing.


* it does not include the associated technical standards

EU Directives and Regulations Inventory

Excluding VAT
  • This product is in Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx)

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