This is an Excel based checklist for assessing proposed Outsourcing by solo (FCA-only) regulated firms. It is based on best practice and reflects our Outsourcing Framework, which is available in the shop*.


As with all our materials this checklist is formatted ready to print and \ or circulate internally. It has been designed with the assessor in mind, making it practical, succinct, and self explanatory with drop down menu’s for assessors to record their responses.

Complete with notes for the person hat will oversee the process which include instructions on how to amend the drop down menu’s to reflect internal approach.


The template is in black and white, and uses Arial font. It is ready for you to apply your corporate branding or just start using.


* Please note that this is exactly the same checklist as included in the framework, the only difference is that one is in Word and this one in Excel. If you buy the framework and want the checklist in Excel please let us know as we won’t charge you twice for the same product

FCA Outsourcing Checklist


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