This Bribery and Corruption Risk Assessment gives you a template for carrying out an assessment of the risks of your business being used to facilitate bribery or corruption. It meets the requirements of the UK Bribery Act and amalgamates the best practices from the OECD, Transparency International and the Ministry of Justice.


This risk assessment is for the business that needs to ensure it has thoroughly assessed bribery and corruption risk. It is designed for use by anyone working in your organisation, and has been carefully drafted such that someone with limited prior experience of bribery and corruption as it includes definitions of terms used.


This Bribery and Corruption Risk Assessment assesses five key areas of your business:

  1. Governance and Leadership
  2. General Awareness and Incentives
  3. Business Risks
  4. Due Diligence
  5. Other Matters


This risk assessment includes useful links so you can easily trace back to the source standards. There are proposed scorings for transaction and industry risk so you don’t have to strat from scratch, and it includes a methodology for assessing country risk.


Contained within your digital download are:

  • The risk assessment
  • A dashboard for presentation to your governance committee, that will auto populate based on your responses
  • Links to the underlying key documents in their official sources
  • Best practice for conducting a risk assessment


The spreadsheet is completely customisable, free of any macro’s or coding, so you can just download and start your assessment.

Bribery and Corruption Risk Assessment


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