Reducing your Compliance spend

As your firm starts doing new things and you find you have different rules and regulations to comply with where do you start? For many it begins with a Google search. The success of your Googling can come down to using the right search terms which is not easy when a topic is new to you.

Then follows the reading in, time lost reading pages of material only to find it wasn’t relevant after all, and continuing to search around trying to find some guidance on what that regime means for your firm.

Perhaps at that point you think about turning to a third party for help, maybe getting in a contractor but there’s the IR35 tax avoidance liability where HMRC is already finding against bank employees, so maybe a consultant, but you have this niggle: surely someone has done the hard work already.

This is where our online digital downloads shop comes in. We provide those template documents, the how to guide to get you started on a regime, that quick template so you don't need to figure out the right Google search term.

You will find training packs with speaker notes so all you need to do is download, and start presenting. We’ll even run a train the trainer session in house for you and leave you the slide pack so you can face off to your colleagues instead of a third party, just give us the topic.

At Leaman Crellin Limited we are here to save you time and money, we keep costs down by only selling direct to regulated firms like yours.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for and with no commitment to buy in future from yourself, we will even consider creating what you need for our shop. After all, if you need it, then someone might need it too.

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