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Leaman Crellin Limited provides a helping hand to individuals in regulated firms who don't have the bandwidth to get to everything.

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Our shop gives you confidence that you have covered the right topics and saves you time reading around, or, downloading a free generic document in the hope it has some relevance but doesn't say what you can do, or worse having to spend large sums hiring a third party to come onsite for weeks on end.

Our clients have discovered the convenience of being able to immediately address a wide range of common issues through our digital downloads knowing the products are written by seasoned professionals with a focus on being practical, easy to follow, and implement.

Resources are finite


Whilst the financial services sector benefits from a deep pool of regulatory compliance personnel, resources and time are finite. Many firms are finding they need to be across a broad number of regulations and sometimes to a technical depth that requires time to learn and keep up to date.


When a new requirement comes out or a new risk or issues is identified, often there aren't enough hours in the day to do the research, identify the salient points and put that in a way that is immediately relevant for their firm. This isn't a competency issue it's purely capacity. Our digital downloads are available to download 24/7 and give you the capacity you need whenever you need it.

Span of Regulations

Financial Services regulations span a diverse and broad range of products and services some of which are very technical. By their nature the regulations can also become technical. They can also be presented in a negative way: this is what you cannot do.

We prefer to say up front what is just not possible and quickly focus on what is possible and how to achieve that.

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