Market Conduct

Observing proper standards of market conduct is crucial as it supports trust amongst market participants and enhances the integrity of markets. Preventing, detecting and punishing market abuse is a high priority for most regulators, particularly the FCA in the UK.

We provide a wide range of training on aspects of market conduct, including recognised industry codes. 


Below are details of some of our more popular courses with outlines of what these cover. 

Suggested Course Content

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Introduction to Market Abuse

This course is for both front office and support functions who need to understand the market abuse regime in the UK.

60 minutes

This course covers the:

  • regulations covering market abuse

  • different types of market abuse offences

  • sanctions for committing market abuse

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FCA and Market Abuse

This course is primarily for compliance professionals although many front office personnel have also benefited. It teaches delegates how to handle the FCA and provides deeper insights into how the FCA approaches its anti market abuse responsibilities.

2 hours

This course covers:

  • How FCA regulates and supervises market abuse

  • Market abuse related reporting obligations

  • Handling an FCA visit

  • Handling a potential market abuse situation

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Managing and Mitigating Market Abuse

This course is for both front office and support functions wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the key techniques in managing and mitigating against market abuse.

3 hours

This course covers:

  • Identifying and managing conflicts of interest

  • Information walls

  • Taking or receiving market soundings

  • Providing market colour

  • Execution risks

Candy Cotton

The Global FX Code

We run this course in partnership with the FX training experts, The Corellian Trading Academy. This course is for FX market participants wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the delta required to commit to the Code and the benefits of doing so.

half day to two days

This training usually covers:

  • Background to the code

  • About the Code

  • Who the Code applies to

  • Regulatory status

  • The principles

  • What's involved in committing to the Code

  • Implementation challenges

Looking for something specific?

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