Market Abuse​

Preventing, detecting and punishing market abuse is a high priority for most regulators across the globe. It protects consumers, enhances the integrity of markets and promotes competition.

There are aspects of market abuse compliance that is very right or wrong and that is well served through templates, such as insider lists, and training around the basic expectations. We also provide How to Guides covering core areas of market abuse regulatory regimes including FCA market abuse regulations.

Other aspects are about cultural change and having a clear internally agreed approach to what falls into grey areas. Our products help you facilitate those internal discussions. You can always supplement this with regulatory advice or firm-specific training.

You will find our market abuse products in two versions of Microsoft Office: MS Office 2007 and above, and MS Office 97-2003. Find answers to other frequently asked questions here.

If you were looking for something specific and cannot find it please let us know. You are unlikely to be alone in your search and many of our products have been produced to meet demand. There is no obligation on you for making a product request either now or in the future.

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