Managing Regulatory Relationships

The PRA and FCA expect firms that they regulate to proactively manage their relationship with them as underpinned by Principle 11 of the Principles for Businesses and Fundamental Rule 7.

All too often a firm is submitting an application for a new permission or a new senior manager and the regulator responds expressing surprise, asking for a lot more information or citing Principle 11 and reminding the firm of the need to keep the regulator up to date.


Below are details of the suggested sessions that we can run either as formal training or as a coaching session on managing regulatory relationships. To obtain prices and availability please complete our training request form.

Suggested Course Content

Principle 11

This course explains the regulatory expectations behind Principle 11 and how to meet those expectations.

60 minutes

  1. Quick recap on the Principles for Businesses and Fundamental Rules 

  2. What the regulators expect

  3. Case studies

  4. Tips on how to make a Principle 11 notification

The regulatory relationship

This course covers how to manage your relationship with the regulators from the perspective of both the regulated firm and the regulator

90 minutes

  1. The benefits to you of managing the relationship

  2. The role of supervision and other FCA departments

  3. What the regulators needs 

  4. How this differs for contact centre firms

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