Inventories of Laws and Regulations

Senior Manager Function holders are expected to have taken reasonable steps to ensure they have considered all the laws that apply to their business, "Total Capture". Our digital inventories provide the evidence that supports that attestation.

Our inventories of primary legislation such as UK Acts of Parliament or European Level 1 text (Directives and Regulations), provide you with a complete list of all the relevant laws and regulations on a specific topic in one place, including hyperlinks to the original text and summary notes.

We have used our years of experience in building these inventories for banks so you can have total confidence that what you are receiving really is a complete inventory.

We also provide rule registers that give you the line by line of individual laws and regulations.

You will find our Inventories in two versions of Microsoft Office: MS Office 2007 and above, and MS Office 97-2003. Find answers to other frequently asked questions here.

If you were looking for something specific and cannot find it please let us know. You are unlikely to be alone in your search and many of our products have been produced to meet demand. There is no obligation on you for making a product request either now or in the future.