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Regulations are usually set with international agreement, for national roll out, such IOSCO, Basel and the Bank for International Settlements. As a result the principles of most regulations are the same with national regulators adding detail to reflect the risks within their own markets.

As a point of principle we create products that do not reference specific rules or regulations, unless the nature of the product demands that we do so, such as a rules register.


This is because the letter of the law is only really relevant when you are implementing something very specific and technical such as mapping data into a reporting system.


The spirit of the law is broadly similar across the globe, and explaining rules and regulations in layman's terms makes it so much easier to understand what is expected.

Our products range from templates that enable you to essentially plug and play, right through to training and checklists to give you confidence that you haven't missed anything and your people are clear about what they need to do.