Our How to Guides enable you to achieve compliance step by step.


We aggregate all the relevant rules and regulations and set out for you in a step by step what you need to do in order to comply with a specific regime. Many clients use these documents as a way of benchmarking themselves or simply checking they haven't missed anything in their own implementation.

We explain the regime to you, show you what you need to do in practical, simple terms in order to implement the regime. As with all our documentation we use simple, plain terms avoiding regulatory jargon and giving you the know how to get on with running your business.

All our How to Guides include useful links to the underlying rules and regulations, as well as previous iterations of the regime. Our How to Guides provide you with the framework that you need to get started, benchmark your firm and develop your own policy and procedures.

Many of our How to Guides include checklists and templates which are also available to purchase separately.

We support our How to Guides with training slide packs.