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Evolving ESG Landscape

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Half day (3 hours)

We can run this course inhouse or privately just for you and your colleagues.


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About the Course

Our Evolving ESG Landscape course provides an overview of the evolving ESG landscape and its impact on financial decision-making.

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Learning Outcomes


  • Recall the foundational concepts and principles of ESG investing, including environmental, social, and governance factors.


  • Explain the impact of ESG considerations on financial decision-making processes, and analyse emerging trends and regulatory developments in the ESG landscape.


  • Help in the development of strategies for incorporating ESG considerations into financial decision-making processes.


  • Evaluate ESG risks and opportunities, and assess the effectiveness of different approaches to ESG investing.


  • Critique current ESG practices and policies, and assess the potential risks and benefits of incorporating ESG considerations into financial decision-making processes.


  • Propose innovative solutions for addressing ESG challenges, and develop an ESG strategy for a specific financial decision-making process.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to ESG Investing

  • Overview of ESG investing and its growing importance in the financial industry

  • Key drivers and trends in ESG investing

  • Regulatory developments and the impact on ESG investing

Module 2: Investor Demand for ESG Considerations

  • Exploring the growing investor demand for ESG considerations in financial decision-making processes

  • Identifying the key factors driving investor demand for ESG investing

  • Case studies and examples of successful ESG investing strategies

Module 3: Emerging Risks and Opportunities

  • Identifying emerging risks associated with ESG investing

  • Examining the opportunities associated with ESG investing, including financial performance benefits and risk mitigation

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of ESG strategies in managing risks and delivering returns

Module 4: Incorporating ESG Considerations in Financial Decision-Making Processes

  • Practical guidance on how to incorporate ESG considerations into financial decision-making processes

  • Case studies and examples of successful integration of ESG considerations in investment decision-making

  • Tools and resources for measuring and reporting ESG performance

Module 5: Evaluating the Impact of ESG Strategies

  • Assessing the effectiveness of ESG strategies in managing risks and delivering returns

  • Evaluating the impact of ESG strategies on stakeholders, including investors, companies, and society as a whole

  • Case studies and examples of the impact of ESG strategies on financial performance and sustainability goals

Module 6: Innovations and Future Directions in ESG Investing

  • Exploring the latest innovations and emerging trends in ESG investing

  • Examining the role of technology and data in ESG investing

  • Identifying future opportunities and challenges for ESG investing

Required Knowledge and Skills

The course is suitable for anyone in the banking industry. This course can be adapted so that it specifically addresses individuals working in specific banking roles such as risk and compliance, front, back, and middle office personnel, board members, and senior managers.

About Your Trainer

Zoe Keen

Zoe Keen

Zoe is a finance professional with in excess of 20 years of Investment Banking Compliance experience, operating across multiple functions including Head of Public Side Advisory, Head of Central Compliance, Certifications, Control Room and Surveillance.

In addition to her deep understanding of UK & international regulation as it applies to investment banks, Zoe’s core areas of strength include senior management engagement, the design, implementation and oversight of governance and risk frameworks, and delivering comprehensive Compliance policies, procedures and training programmes.

At Leaman Crellin Zoe focuses on regulatory consulting and training, with a specialist interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Finance.

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