Training Slides

You are in the training aisle. Where you will find all our ready-made regulatory compliance training slides.

Providing training on rules and regulations is key to ensuring that your people understand what is expected of them and is a regulatory expectation. Our training slides provide you with a slide deck that you brand with your own corporate branding.

We have taken the effort out of delivering PRA and FCA compliance training courses by providing you with template packs that provide you with the slides as well as the trainer's script. This allows you to present to your business with minimal preparation and effort. We offer train the trainer sessions so you are able to face your business. We also include handy references for the speaker who may want to ​understand the background behind certain points for their own personal knowledge.

Our training slides are written in simple terms that your business can understand, avoiding regulatory jargon and rule references. We have years of experience in facing the first line and so have a good understanding of what works and how to make training memorable. You just need to complete the prompts with your firm-specific contacts and links, and remember to book the video call and record who attended.



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